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Are you hoping you don't fail your law school exam?

The Essay Excellence Masterclass

will teach you how to conquer your law school essay exam.


If you're wondering if Essay Excellence is for you, keep reading...

Essay Excellence is for students who want to ensure they get the most points possible on their final exam.

Essay Excellence is for 

  • 1Ls who want to make sure they start law school off strong

  • 2Ls who want to bring their GPA up by earning better grades

  • 3Ls who haven't quite gotten "the A" just yet but know they can with the right instruction

We will cover 

  • outlining in a quick and easy manner

  • accurately spotting issues

  • succinctly and clearly organizing rule statements

  • analyzing and applying the law to the facts that you are given

  • avoiding a conclusory analysis


What are students saying about Essay Excellence?

It was very helpful and gave me very useful resources that all law students can benefit from.

~Kamron, 2L

The class was amazing! You gave major gems.

~Patrice, 2L

Kymberly, who are you to teach me how to write for a law school exam?

First of all, I'm a woman who graduated #12 in her class while juggling single motherhood, work, mock trial, and law review.

Secondly, I'm a proven law school coach. My students and mentees graduate in the top 5 of their respective classes.

Thirdly, I'm a law school professor and undergraduate professor while being a practicing attorney.


Any more questions?!


Q: How much does Essay Excellence cost?

A: $50

Q: When will Essay Excellence take place?

A: Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 1:30pm CST

Q: Where will Essay Excellence be held?

A: It is a virtual masterclass that will be held on Zoom.

Q: Will there be a replay even though this is a live event?

A: Yes! Although this is a live event and you would be better served by attending during the event, all attendees will receive a copy of the replay.

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