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Additional Services

Hourly Tutoring

This is a standalone tutoring service that is charged by the hour. It is for any and all bar tested courses, not only 1L. 

Resume Crafting

This service will provide you with a resume built from scratch using terminology and buzz words designed to capture the interviewers attention and help highlight your value.

3 Hour Academic Success Training

This is a workshop in which you will be taught how to case brief, outline, and select appropriate study supplements. It is integral to law school success as these are skills that will be required in order to prepare for class and your final exam.

Resume Refresh

If you already have a resume, but you aren't attracting many interview offers with it or you simply need to update it, this service is for you.

12 hour Intensive Finals Prep

This is a 12 hour course in which you will receive a comprehensive view of the substantive law for each of your final exams. Also, you will be taught important test taking strategies to set you up for success.

Proofreading and editing 

Whether you simply need your writing assignment proofread or you need someone to make changes to enhance the writing, This service can help you.

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