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So, you're going to be a Lawyer?

Let's put a plan behind your passion and get you to your purpose!!

Meet Kymberly

Proven Law Student Coach

Kymberly is originally from Mobile, Alabama. She has had an interesting journey to her current position as a licensed attorney and Law Student Coach. 


What I Specialize In

One-on-One Tutoring for all Bar tested courses

  time management assistance

Stellar study plan creation

Resume creation and revitalization 

Proofreading and editing

The path to becoming a great lawyer begins with being a great law student

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Kymberly was a very influential mentor who aided in my  completing law school. I had trouble studying, absorbing, and regurgitating the plethora of information necessary to do well on the examinations. Kymberly took time and sat down with me to help me identify how I learn. 

~Irisa Kennedy, JD

Kymberly is an invaluable resource and a person who truly wanted to see me succeed! She has a knack for explaining the law in a way that conveys the essence of the subject while presenting it in a manner that allowed me to understand each complex legal concept we studied. 

~Xavier Thomas, 3L

From the rules of civil procedure to the nuances of evidence law, Ms. Porter has always been there to clarify some of the more complex issues we study as law students. Her outlines, intensives and brainpower are an incredible resource to law students.

~ Ariel Ramirez

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