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What are people saying about me?

Lecture Hall
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Wala Hijaz, 2L

Starting law school was scary, but after meeting Kymberly, much of that stress cleared. Not only is she extremely intelligent, but she also has a special way of making seemingly overwhelming issues manageable. Kymberly has always been a source of encouragement and inspiration. I know that without her, my first two years would have been much more difficult. Her intellect is unmatched, as is her genuine desire to see everyone succeed.   

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Kijana Mitchell, 2L

Kym is a literal gift to incoming law students. Law school is difficult and imposter syndrome is real, but I believe that having the tools and resources to surpass these obstacles makes all the difference. For me, Kym was one of those resources. The mentorship and guidance that she provided during my first year of law school impacted my confidence and level of preparedness. If you are have doubts, fears, or questions on anything law school related, I highly recommend contacting Kym.

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Alexandria Hagleston, JD

I did not know what I was missing on my law school exams until I sat down with Kymberly. Kymberly was able to explain things in a way that clicked for me, and she was able to break it down to my level so I could better understand the material. Law school is tough as it is, but when you have someone who has been through it there to guide you along the path, law school is doable. I think Kymberly's best asset is being able to take any type of person, student, or learner and figure out what works best for them. She makes the complicated simple and the impossible seem possible. 

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